Capture and Share Your Pregnancy with Milestone Pregnancy Cards! Posted at 15:17, 5th April 2017 0 comments Posted by Pamela

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Pregnancy is such a special time and goes so fast! Whether it’s your first child or you’re adding to your family, every pregnancy is miraculous and you don’t want to miss any milestones or special moments.

Pregnancy milestone cards are a fantastic way to make sure you capture every important moment. They’re great to enjoy and remember your pregnancy and perfect for sharing with your family and friends on facebook and instagram to keep them up-to-date with your pregnancy.

You can take gorgeous and super inventive photos with these milestone pregnancy cards marking special days in your pregnancy. And the milestones will be easy to remember without having to write comments on all the photos too!

A Great Personalised Keepsake

We love these Original Pregnancy and Newborn Cards, there are 30 cards that you can use throughout your pregnancy and in the early days of your newborn. They come in a handy storage box, which has a space for you to record the baby’s name, due date and date of birth so you can keep them as a memento for the future.

The milestone pregnancy cards include cards the weeks of your pregnancy, special moments during your pregnancy and the early days of your newborn’s arrival. There’s a lovely feature where you can write the date on early card so you record when you took the photo. There’s also a card where you can write all the details of baby’s arrival and family members, making the cards themselves a lovely keepsake or pregnancy gift.

Record the Weeks of Your Pregnancy

These gorgeous milestone pregnancy cards let you record the weeks of your pregnancy. There are cards for taking photos when you discover your little one is on its way and then at 8, 12, 20, 28, 34 and 40 weeks of your pregnancy. It’s a great way to record and share your growing bump!

Capture the Special Moments During Your Pregnancy

There are also fantastic cards to capture the special moments of your pregnancy including the when the baby kicks for the first time, mum’s favourite pregnancy food, when you discover the baby’s gender, when you decide the baby’s name and for the baby’s nursery.

Photos with these pregnancy milestone cards are a great way to make announcements to your friends and family too about the baby’s gender and the milestones of your pregnancy. They’re sure to get lots of comments on social media!!

Unforgettable Newborn Moments

These gorgeous milestone pregnancy cards also let you record the amazing moments with your newborn. There are cards to mark the date your baby was worn, their first outfit, when they come home, their hands and feet.

There are also cards you can use to take photos with mum and dad, siblings and both sets of grandparents, which are lovely for a photo album of baby’s early days.

A Gorgeous Pregnancy Gift

These milestone pregnancy cards are perfect from early in pregnancy and after the baby has arrived. They’re perfect to buy for yourself or a thoughtful pregnancy gift for a mum-to-be! A definite must have for every mum’s pregnancy.

Have a closer look at the milestone pregnancy cards here 

And if you like the pregnancy milestone cards, why not also get a pregnancy journal to record your pregnancy journey? Find out more here 

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